React Native App Development

We develop mobile apps using React Native because this gives us the ability to write one code base and deploy native apps on the iOS and Android platforms. React is used to generate reusable user interface components. React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working on the Facebook platform. It was primarily used by Facebook in 2011 and by Instagram in 2012. React can be used to create large web applications without reloading the page along with altering the requisite data.

One of the great benefits of React Native is that it works very quickly and is not complicated to use. React JS App Development is a modern open-source JavaScript that helps in the maintenance and management of content and data for the enhancement of the website. Whereas, React Native app development helps to create great mobile applications by simply using java scripts.

Benefits of React Native

One Framework, Multiple Platforms

React Native allows you to reuse the codebase between iOS and Android. In practice, cross-platform development is possible to some extent, depending on how many native modules you use in your mobile application. React Native community actively supports the framework, adding new tools to its open source.

Faster to Build

One of the great benefits of React Native is the shorter development time. For entrepreneurs bringing a product to market, using React Native is the best way to go. The framework provides numerous ready-to-apply components that can accelerate the process.

Hot Reloading

We can keep the app running while implementing new versions and tweaking the User Interface. This makes changes instantly visible without the need for us to rebuild the app. It is a major benefit. Not only do we save time on the compilation, but we also don’t lose any state of the app while making changes. It boosts productivity and, in effect, the whole development time is shorter.

Reduce Cost

By using React Native, you can reduce your development time and cost by half. The cost saving will be a lower than developing Native apps, making your investment worth your while.


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